As the business world moves faster and gets more competitive, the methodologies, systems and process that were successful… gets older in time, as well as the concept of Boss has been replaced with Leader.
The consultant industry has evolved also as Business Coaching, one of the services with more growth in the last years in United States and Europe due to its proven results and integral methodology (people, purpose and profits). Business Coaching is very different of what people may think, it has nothing to do with “psychology for managers”, and it is a powerful and measurable tool for business and people.

¿How do I know VIRTUS INSTITUTE ® can help me personally or professionally?
• Regardless your intentions, you keep working on tactic instead of strategic task?
• Find hard to find develop people or teams empowered or motivated?
• You invest in training, systems and new process with no tangible results in customer service, commitment or motivation?
• Do you have many projects in mind but no time or people to develop it?
• You are aware that you and your company have much more potential but do not know how to reach it?
• You find difficult to develop new leaders in order to growth inside the company?
• You have problems related to time management that results in overload, needing extra hours to complete the task and affecting your personal life?

If you have say “yes” to this questions, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, most of the business people are facing the same problem, and this is the “ideal work area” to coaching, helping you in each one of this challenges in a focus and strategic way, considering your own culture and process. But we have to be honest with you saying that this methodology only works with you are committed to change at all levels in order to reach your goals.