If you are determined to increase impact and effectiveness in your career, speed up the business growth and implement programs that hit the ROI, this is the time to discover what VIRTUS INSTITUTE ® can do for you, your team and your organization.

¿How do I know that I need Business Coaching?


¿What is the difference between Business Coaching and a Consultant?


There are many differences, but maybe the principal is that your Coach will not give you the “magical solution”, instead, he will help you to find unexplored options and support your best choice, in a personal and deep process understanding the real problem and not its consequences. How Coaching do it? Simple¡ besides his own experience, the Coach could offer a broad, objective perspective, because he is outside your organization and he can recognize opportunities that you cannot, because you are immerse in your day-to-day work. Another difference is that you set the rhythm, because the coaching is base don your needs, time and priorities.

Finally, the coach looks for integrate people, process and culture, so coaching recognizes that the expert and master of your business is you¡, so do not pretend to take decisions for you or even worst replace you.


Business Coach                                                                 Consultant


¿What concrete results I can get from Business Coaching?

A study made with US companies and published by Fortune in 2,011, shown the following results:

The coaching programs had showed a ROI of 8.1 on average, increasing the below areas:

  • Team work 67% (PR)
  • Satisfaction Employee 61% (P)
  • Productivity growth: 53% (U)
  • Organizational commitment 48% (PR)
  • Commitment and loyalty growth 44% (P)
  • Customer Service Satisfaction 39% (PR)
  • Net Profit growth 22% (U)


PR= purpose

P= people

U= profits