The founder of VIRTUS INSTITUTE ® worked 18 years as manager in different kind of business.  Regardless the size of the company or country, he found the same problems:  ¿how to integrate people, purpose and results in the organization? ¿Why the actions plans were poorly executed y and training courses do not last? ¿Why consultant services do not give the benefits of what they offer? ¿Why the people lack of commitment with the organization?

                      So he set the following objectives:

    1) To design something different an innovative that really support the growth of people and the company, letting reach excellence and leadership

                      2) To develop methodologies that creates behavior changes, so they can discover a hole new world of talents, opportunities and challenges ahead

3) To standardize in a simple but powerful way, all the aspect related to organizational behavior, culture, business process, systems and goals in ONE strategic way that drives all the efforts in the same route.

             As result, he has been studying not just business theory, but personal growth, leadership, emotional intelligence, psychology, high performance theory and human dynamics.  He already implemented in his real life like manager and have amazing results not just in business but in human development, since then he design it own integral system with simple methodologies but really effective powerful using Business Coaching as the best approach.