Our programs are successful because integrates practical real life management experience with up dated theories of psychology, leadership, high performance, neuron science and human dynamics used by recognized institutions like Harvard Business School with the business coaching methodology. We focus on development of “soft skills” that today in a world of information and knowledge are more important that technical skills. This offers the learning of techniques that can be used in day-to-day business.


1.            Change Seminar

2.            Communication Seminar

3.            Team Work Seminar

4.            Systems Seminar

5.            Human Talent Seminar


1.            “How to develop my leadership”

2.            “Leadership in Business”

3.            “Empowerment: Leading and motivating successfully”

4.            “Team Leadership”

5.            “Developing High Performance Teams”

6.            “People: Competitive Advantage for XXI century”

7.            “Organizational Change”

8.            “Business Negotiation”

9.            “Effective Presentations and Persuasion”

10.         “Assertive Communication Skills”

11.         “High Performance Personal Development”

12.         “Personal Coaching: Reaching the Excellence”